Saturday, December 1, 2018

Magic Broom Series

'Teardrop of Earth's Memory' Cast Iron, Volcanic Rock, New Mexico. 2003

Magically, a broom is a wand. In dreams, brooms and brushes can have a similar meaning in that they clear a spiritual space of negativity in preparation for changes to be made. The idea of clearing or cleansing is as important on a psychological level as it is on the spiritual.
'Katrina Broom' Cast Iron, New Orleans 2001
I became fascinated with the common broom when working late in my studio one night. It was a full moon and the broom just leaning there in the corner took on a metaphysical presence. This led to the investigation of taking an ordinary object through the transformative process of casting in metal. I am investigating what it is that imbues an inanimate object with a hidden presence. Iron, copper and aluminum all have their own associations to magic as well, each cast broom tells a story and holds a memory.

'Stick Broom' Cast Iron
'Lassoing the Moon' Cast Aluminum

'Rapunzel' Cast Iron, Santa Fe 2006
'Brush Broom' Cast Iron, Museum of Steel Sculpture, UK 2005

'Urigeller' Cast Iron, Minneapolis 2001 

'Chinese Broom' Cast Copper, New Mexico 2007

'Chinese Broom with Seed' Cast Copper, New Mexico 2007


'Wand' Cast Iron and Copper, 2009

'Knotted Wand' Cast Iron, 2009

'Magic Broom Series' : 2001 - Present

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